Barrett Ground Load PGL 53


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Barrett is known for its durability, legendary toughness, and quality.

Additional Features

Barrett PGL-53 Standard Features
Width- 8'6"
Height - 6'1" Front, 7' Center, 9' Rear
Nose- 12" Windbreaker; Aerodynamic Nose
Axles - 25,000 LB air ride - 102"
Brakes - Straight Air (ABS) 4S-2M
Kingpin - 36" Pin Setting W/47" 5th Wheel Height
Landing Legs - 2-2 Speed Crank up Legs
Skid Plate - Full width rear skid plate
Side Walls - Row of big Holes Top, Small holes to 24" from floor
Floor- Corregated Treadplate 3' Beams @ 12" OC
Roof - Single Piece aluminum with bowed cross members
Drops - Compartment Lengths 10' Front, 36' Center
Front Gate - 2/3 Swing Gate Hanged CS at Front Drop
Center Gate- 2- Full Opening Gates; Double Ring Latch Top 3/4" D
Rear Gate- Full Swing Gate With Roll Up Door, 2 Slam Latches
Rear Doors - Full Open Door With 1/2 Slide
Rear Ramp - Full Width (SPLIT) Approx. 5'6"
10600 lbs9' 0"8' 6"

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