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Alberta Cargo Trailer

Looking for the perfect new or used trailer? You have come to the right place. Vantage Trailer Sales is the leading Alberta cargo trailer company. We have helped over 3000 clients find the perfect trailer for their requirements and have made a reliable name for ourselves in the industry. We have the personal and professional experience, a huge inventory of all types of trailers, and a passionate team within our banner, due to which we can provide the best trailers for the needs of our customers.

We have a huge inventory of the best high-quality new and used trailers in perfect condition. From Flatbed haulers to Heavy equipment hauling trailers, we have them all! Let's have a look at some of the trailers available in our inventory:


A star trailer from our inventory of new dump trailers is this Iron Bull 2021. A latest dump trailer model by the Norstar, this dump truck is a reliable, and high-quality trailer to invest in. It has a deck length of 16 inches and is equipped with the latest supercharger charging system. It has slide-in ramps that make it easy to use, and a scissor hoist make.


From our inventory of Flatbed trailer types, this model is the finest working trailer model to acquire. With the 16" cross members in its design, along with the BP 14K Coupler, 102 inches straight deck with 8 inches slide ramps, and the chain storage tray, this trailer by Norstar is the perfect Flatbed for hauling. It is well-designed, built using the finest materials, and is sturdy.

3) 2021 TITAN PRIMO 2H BP:

This stylishly designed horse trailer by the Titan company is available for sale in new condition. It is equipped with the necessary equipment and features to ensure the safe and secure transportation of horses using this trailer. With its 36 inches elite shield, sturdy dressing room wall, covered rubber mats, and a completely enclosed back gate, the safety of the horses is a given. The model has a huge front tack room attached to it, with a swinging-out saddle rack, dome lights, and dividers.


This livestock trailer by the Maxxim Company is one of the best heavy-duty livestock trailers in the market. It has a magnificent deck length of 53 inches and has a dry weight of 17900 lbs. It has a sturdy built and is made of high-quality materials to make it fit for transportation of livestock, it has airy boundaries from the top so that the livestock is provided with enough fresh air while being protected from the sides. This trailer is available in new condition in our inventory at only $64,900, with good financing options.


A living quarter trailers masterpiece by the Bison Company, this trailer is a class apart. Whether you are looking for comfort, luxury, protection, or reliability, this trailer offers all. Its stylish design along with the luxurious interior of this trailer, equipped with AC, burners, tv, closet, shower space, fridge, amongst others, makes it a super comfortable and very well-furnished place to live in. This model is available in new condition in our inventory, so get your hands on it now!

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