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Alberta Trailers For Sale

Whether you are looking for living trailers or commercial trailers, we have the best Alberta trailers for sale, pre-owned and new.

Some of our most popular trailers are flatbed haulers and heavy equipment hauling trailer. However, we also sell trailers for horses, livestock, utilities, travel, cargo, dump, living, and more.

What can you find among our pre-owned and new living trailers?

Starting at $52,900, we have pre-owned living trailers available for you today. Some of the models you will find are 2005 Elite 4 Horse, 2006 Sooner 3H LQ, 2015 Lakota 8415, 2018 Lakota Charger, and 2019 Lakota Bighorn.

These are great options if you do not want to buy a new trailer but still are looking for high-quality and a vehicle that is in good condition.

Nonetheless, you can also pick up a new model. Choose from over 16 different models, such as Bizon Ricochet, Lakota, Merhow, and more. You can also apply for financing and pay in parts, but you will be taking a brand new living trailer with you.

Check out our flatbed trailers, pre-owned and new

Among our flatbed trailer types, you will also find variety. From prices starting at $9,330 and financing available, you can obtain today the trailer you were looking for, brand new. We also have pre-owned options for you; call us for more information.

A flatbed for hauling is perfect for carrying very heavy items from one place to another; whether it is for construction, moving, or other purposes, our Iron Bull trailer will do precisely what they need to do.

Horse and livestock trailers

Specially designed for horses and livestock, we have the trailers you need. Among the new models for horses, you will find Titan and Merhow, and you can also opt for financing. Ask about our pre-owned models since you will indeed be taking with you a high-quality trailer at a lower price.

We have Maxxim, Titan, 4Star, and many models to choose from for livestock, depending on your needs. Are you interested in a new or pre-owned trailer? Whatever you decide, you can come by and take a look in person at all of our trailers to make up your mind.

Dump, utility, and cargo trailers

If you need trailers for dumping items or cargo purposes, we have some of the best options on the market. We commercialize brands, such as Iron Bull, that are of the best quality available today. Choose between a new or pre-owned trailer, depending on your budget and your needs.

You can also find utility trailers with us, such as GMC and Trailmaster, two of the best brands on the market.

As you can see, we have many options available, depending on what you need. Trailers are great pieces of equipment that serve for many different purposes and make our lives easier.

Contact us for more information, and apply for financing on any of our new and used trailer inventory at

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