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Trailers For Sale Alberta

Are you in search of quality trailers for sale in Alberta? Do you have any challenges with choosing the appropriate heavy equipment hauling trailer for your freight or heavy machinery? Or have you spent a lot to acquire the right trailer for your needs but without any success? Perhaps you've given up on snapping the right trailer due to the time and efforts you have already expended, but worry no more because Vantage Trailers with locations in Lethbridge and Lacombe is here to resolve all your trailer related issues.

We are solution providers, and we believe in getting value for your money by providing a suitable trailer for your personal use or business. We are different from the rest, and here's an overview of what sets us apart in the industry and why you should acquire your heavy equipment hauling trailer from Vantage Trailer Sales.

  1. You can procure the trailer of your choice from us with ease.

So many trailer sales companies in Alberta do not offer an easy financing plan as we do. This is aside from our expertise which has made us outstanding over the years as we deliver satisfactory trailers to our clients. You can pick up any trailer of your choice from us without hassles because of the easy financing plan we've put in place.

The competitive price of our trailers also relaxes your mind as you can snap up a trailer from any of our locations in four simple steps:

  • Get in touch with one of our competent sales representatives.

  • Discuss the financing that suits you with our representative.

  • Pick the trailer of your choice from the assembly of trailers we have offered up for sale.

  • Drive your trailer home.

Yes! It is as simple as that.

  1. We offer durable trailers that will exceed your expectations.

From the moment you drive off your choice trailer, you are assured of maximum performance and durability, which many other trailer sales companies may not guarantee. Our trailers are built to specification by competent hands with the best parts to ensure it lasts longer than what is obtained elsewhere.

  1. Our variety of trailers are top-notch.

We have different flatbed trailer types ranging from cowboy trailers, step deck trailers, side kit trailers, and other long-lasting flatbed trailers. We offer second to none flatbed haulers suitable for carrying heavy equipment. Our flatbed for hauling are specially crafted and built to haul heavy equipment and machinery.

We have a whole variety of trailers from which you can make your choice. This is one of the advantages we have over other companies offering trailer sales. We are a one-stop-shop for the sales of trailers. You can begin your trailer selection here.

  1. We Offer long time support.

Unlike other trailers selling companies, we intend that the trailer serves the purpose it was bought from us. We ensure this by making sure the transaction is not a one-off. We offer a very long time warranty which means in the event the trailer develops a fault, which we are certain won't occur for a very long time, you can always bring it to us for service.

What are you waiting for? Apply for financing on any of our new and used trailer inventory today.

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