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Lethbridge is home to several horse trailer dealerships that offer so many models and styles of trailers. This might be great, but it makes it difficult to make a choice when you are looking to buy a horse trailer on the flip side. We understand your dilemma; that is why we came up with some factors to consider before buying a horse trailer in Lethbridge.


Most trailers come in all steel, all-aluminum, or a hybrid of both materials. All-steel trailers are some of the most robust trailers in the industry, but it is pretty heavy to tow. The all-aluminum trailers are also great, but they are not as sturdy as the all-steel trailer.

Most folks opt for the hybrid construction of both materials because it combines both the advantages of steel and aluminum in one horse trailer.

If you opt for the hybrid trailer, you'd be getting a horse trailer that handles corrosion well, is sturdy, and is just as light as most all-aluminum trailers.

How It Is Hitched

In most cases, you'd need to attach your horse trailer to a vehicle, so you want to pay attention to the hitch option. Horse trailers come in two options: gooseneck or and bumper pull. A horse trailer with a gooseneck hitch is best suited for moving more than four horses, while the bumper pull-type trailer is best suited to hauling less than four horses. Gooseneck trailers require a truck with a specific towing setup and are the more expensive option.

The Flooring Boards

Please pay attention to the flooring because it affects the trailer's weight and how much space there is for your horses. Aluminum floors might be light, but they tend to rust after sustained contact with horse excreta and manure. On the other hand, wooden floors can offer longevity and provide more space for your horses as long as the boards are adequately spaced.

The Outside

Much as you want a durable horse trailer, you’d also want one that looks great too. One excellent option is to go for trailers made of aluminum sheets covered with automotive primer and polyurethane paint. Such an option produces a high-gloss, automotive-quality finish that is easy on the eyes.

Loading Types

You want to look at how the horse trailer loads. There are the straight load and slant load trailers options, with each having its advantages. Slant load trailers help with managing the trailer when taking turns and braking. The straight-load trailer often gives you have extra space, and it offers you more access to your horses.

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