Towing Capacity

If you look in your vehicle manual, it will tell you that you canpull a certain amount of weight. The vehicle manufacturer is going to give you a G.V.W.R (gross vehicle weight rating). This is the maximum amount that the truck cari weigh. So, if the manual states that the vehicles G.V.W.Ris 10,000 lbs, but the vehicle itself weighs 6,000 lbs, then the extra weight the vehicle is capable or maximum weight that can be added to the vehicle is 4,000 lbs. We ask that no matter what your vehicle manual says to talk with your trailer salesman and vehicle salesman.

Towing capacity can differ on what you are towing. A trailer is going to have a dry weight and a G.V.W.R. This is why it is important to talk with your trailer salesman, and answer each of his questions thoroughly. When the trailer salesman asks what you are using to tow the trailer, depending on your answer of the size of your vehicle in his mind he already knows what trailer will meet requirements for towing capacity and which trailer will exceed the towing capacity. This will help the salesman help you reach a decision on a trailer that will be the safest for you to haul.

The gross axle weight rating (GAWR) this is the maximum weight that can be placed on your front or rear axle. The vehicle manual will give you a GAWR as well as the trailer. The GAWR also needs to be taken into consideration for towing capacity. Knowing the hitch weight will help determine size of unit being pulled. With a gooseneck the weight is distributed over the back axles of the vehicle while with a bumper pull the weight is behind the back axle of the vehicle.

Another key factor in towing capacity is tires on your vehicle and tires on the trailer. When purchasing a trailer the springs and axles may be exactly what you need, but the size of tire matters just as much. Tires must be appropriate in size for the weight of the load this also goes for the tires on your vehicle.

Density of the load is a key factor that sometimes a person transporting livestock or animals do not take into consideration. Loading the same weight class in the same compartment is key. Having the heaviest weight class over the axles minimizes drag.

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