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Roof Armour

Roof Armour

Our Signature product is our Liquid-Applied, Water-proof Roof Coatings which seal, protect and restore existing roof surfaces, helping them to be Hail, Wind, Fire and Waterproof. This product is great for aluminum roofed campers, Rv’s, and horse trailers. It is a great way to protect your investment from hail damage. If your trailer already has hail damage Roof Armour is a great product to overlay your roof with to cover up the dents and make your trailer re-insurable.

Vantage Trailers has installed Roof Armour roofs on trailers before and after they have had hail damage. It is ideal to install Roof Armour before the damage has occurred but if your trailer has been damaged Roof Armour is an ideal solution to repairing your roof without removing it entirely. Roof Armour is a roll on self leveling product.

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