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Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring

Advantage flooring can be used in all aspects of the equine industry, from trailers to wash racks to breeding areas.

TRAILERS- Advantage Flooring offers a cushioned surface that lessens leg fatigue, provides unbeatable safety in sudden stops, steep roadways, and insulates from hot highways. No more smelly, filthy mats to pull; just sweep, hose down and relax! Flooring can be either porous, to allow for quick drainage with no shavings needed, or non-porous for a more conventional floor while having all the benefits of supreme shock absorption and safety.

STALLS, BARNS, SADDLING AND BREEDING AREAS- Advantage Flooring provides the same benefits as trailer flooring, with quick and easy cleaning, cushioning, and non-skid safety and comfort. Advantage Flooring can be applied over subfloors of concrete or asphalt, either in porous or non-porous applications.

WASH RACKS- Advantage Flooring makes wash racks non-slip, safe and keeps the horse clean as you wash, with no mud spatter.

WALKWAYS, BREEZEWAYS, DECKS, AND PATIOS- Advantage Flooring is ideal for walking comfort and safety for people, too. Easy on the feet, legs and back, our flooring insulates, cushions, does not leak, does not ice up and provides traction in all weather. Great for older folks and kids to move around with added safety.

TOY HAULERS, SAND RAIL & ATV TRAILERS- Advantage Flooring provides the same non-slip, tough flooring found in livestock trailers, insulating and cushioning interior floors. It is gasoline and oil resistant, making a perfect floor to work on as well as to store your “toys.”

Pricing starts at $12.00 per square foot. Custom designs and colours are available upon request.

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