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Valve Guards/Tank Guards

Valve Guards/Tank Guards

Our valve guards are so strong they might outlast your trailer. If you get a flat on your trailer and dont have a jack the valve guard can be taken off and driven on as a lift. Trust us, we have done it before. We have found that the most common reason people replace their tanks is because they hit their valves and they crack out of the tank destroying the tank. This is why we remcomend the valve guard.

If you drive down a lot of gravel the tank guard is a good option to stop your tanks from getting pitted and eventually cracking. It will also protect your tanks from loose objects that may be on the road and would have otherwise damaged your tanks. This is also a good option for the protection of your tanks.

Valve guard $750.00 + install of 3 hours.

Gravel guard $950.00 + install of 4 hours.

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